The Frida Festival Mercado Booths consist of a select group of unique artists, artisan vendors, chefs, craft specialists, clothes designers, jewelers, accessories and more. The group is curated based on their unique contribution to the market. New and returning members create new and one-of-a-kind products specifically for the festival’s patrons and Frida lovers.

In 2018, the Festival had over 100 participants, including sponsors, children’s activity center, voter registration and information center and the East End Studio Gallery Art Consignment Presentation.

In 2019, we had 80 booths comprised of merchandise, artists, foodie and clothes designers, with the remaining booths comprising sponsors, for a total of 100. The children’s activity center, as well as the voter registration booth were featured on their own during the festival.

For 2021, we had 35 booths of original art and crafts.

For 2022, we had 40 booths of original art and crafts.